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"Because of our love for you we were ready to share with you not only the Good News from
God but even our own lives."
Thessalonians 2:8

Global Outreach Team (Go Team!)

Short-term mission trips provide you with an opportunity to put your faith into action. They are a way for you to reach out beyond your daily life and step into the lives of people in another culture or of another lifestyle then your own. This experience is truly one that cannot be captured in words. It is one that is only captured within the heart of the person who goes, follows God's call and steps out into the unknown to serve others and to share the love of Christ.

Going on a short term mission trip can be a life 
and faith transforming experience.

Our current mission focus is on a small community, Nueva Vida, in Nicaragua.  In addition to providing monetary contributions to the children and families in Nicaragua, our goal is to build lasting relationships with them. These annual trips are designed as a way for us to connect to these people and to serve them in a tangible way. Joining a team on one of these trips is a great way to use your skills and abilities to serve others and reflect Gods love to them in the process. The natural byproduct of becoming involved is that you will see God use these people to draw you closer to His heart and design for your life. Some of the amazing benefits you can expect to encounter on these trips may include:

  • Living out our lives in a way that honors God and serves humanity.
  • Putting into practice what it means to serve those that are less fortunate.
  • Opportunity to develop deep relationships with your team members and the people you serve.
  • Discovering valuable qualities from another culture while expanding your world view and Gods' heart for all of his children.
  • Opportunity to share the Gospel with people you encounter that may never have the oppourtunity to hear the message of Gods hope, love and salvation.
  • A greater appreciation of our blessings and clearer perspective on what's truly important.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about joining or assisting one of our our missions trips, please contact Brandon at Brandon@faithfulstewards.net.








 Nicaragua Video

Nicaragua Trip

 June 2008


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